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Southeast OR

Residential, New Build

This single-family residence is located in the southeastern Oregon desert. Due to the intense summer sun and nearby geological features, the home needed to be properly shaded while still allowing intentional views to the exterior. On the interior, the homeowners wanted a central space for family gatherings and to provide privacy for family and guests throughout the home.

The final design provides a U-shaped floor plan that houses bedrooms and a kitchen around a covered central courtyard. During the cool winter months, the courtyard stays warm by way of a gas fireplace, radiant floor heating, and the low summer sun. In the summer, two large overhead doors open the courtyard to the canyon at the south end of the property. The crossing roof planes help distinguish the interior spaces from each other on the exterior, while the various metal siding patterns provide contrast to the desert terrain. Northern clerestory windows and vaulted ceilings help provide indirect sunlight to bedrooms, kitchen and central courtyard.

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