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What does working with an Architect look like?

  1. Decide to build or renovate a house or commercial space

  2. Contact an architect

    • Discuss:

      • Project Goals?​

      • Space Requirements/

      • Timeline?

      • Budget?

      • Inspirations?

  3. Pre-Design​​

    • Architects wil​l:

      • Analyze Project Site​

      • Review Zoning & Building Codes

      • Create As-Built & Site Drawings

  4. Design Collaboration​​

    • Architects will collaborate with and guide clients through the design via sketches, spatial relationships and conceptual drawings​

  5. Design Development​

    • Client feedback and code requirements drive finalized design into drawings​

  6. Construction Documents

    • Drawings are edited to construction standards to communicate design to contractors and the local jurisdiction review​

  7. Permitting​

    • Consultant drawings and additional relevant information are added to the construction documents for permit​

  8. Bidding​

    • Drawing set is sent to contractors for bidding and the architect informs clients on bidding considerations​

  9. Construction Administration​

    • Architects advise clients and contractors as construction moves forward, ensuring the building is built as intended​

  10. Project Completion​!

  11. Optional: Post-Occupancy Survey

    • Follow-up ~6 months after project completion to see how the space is working and how to improve future designs and service​

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