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Residential, New Build

The design for this single-family residence was driven by the narrow lot size and desire for a clear separation between public and private areas. The A-frame structure holds up the main gable roof that is formally disrupted only by a breezeway leading to the garage. A clerestory allows plentiful daylight to fill the interior public space, while a stone fireplace pairs with the trellis-covered porch to provide a striking view from the street. The exterior walls are covered in a mixture of wood cladding and brick, giving the home a warm feel from the outside.

A central load-bearing wall separates all bedrooms and suites from the sunken living room and open kitchen. The interior walls and casework are finished in white to reflect natural daylight from the multitude of exterior openings. Numerous built-ins provide ample storage options in every bedroom and bath. The home's most impressive built-in storage comes in the form of a wine cellar, featuring custom millwork visible through a large kitchen-facing window, which is designed to act as a display case for residents and guests.

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