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Hillsboro, OR

Commercial, Adaptive Reuse, Food Carts

Introducing Hillsboro Downtown Station – a visionary fusion of food cart pod and dining mall, expertly designed by the team at Mathew Stockstill Architect LLC. This project brings 29 food carts and an all-season taproom to downtown Hillsboro, revitalizing the area and creating space for cultural exploration through diverse food!

Working closely with the owner, Mathew, the Principal Architect, navigated the complexities of repurposing a fire-damaged 1940s Studebaker dealership into a posh dining space, including preserving the original terracotta construction, exposing ceiling beams, and reusing construction materials as tables and a bar counter. 

Mathew's innovative design solutions ensured that the dining area was fully enclosed and heated, offering year-round comfort for patrons while seamlessly integrating interior and exterior spaces.

This careful attention to detail and commitment to sustainability have created a space that not only delights visitors but also breathes life into downtown Hillsboro. Since opening, The Station has welcomed 300 to 600 visitors daily, according to general manager Judith Shortt.

“This is the biggest open space in Hillsboro for casual hanging out with friends and family. People don’t have to buy food to be here. We had a vision of a place where you could come and hang out and bring work associates or grandma or your kids,” shared Shortt.

Do you have a visionary urban experience in need of an accomplished architect? Contact us to learn more about our collaborative design process.

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