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Hillsboro, OR, USA


Sunset Liquor and More – where passion for spirits meets expert architectural vision! From the outset, Mathew, the Principal Architect, played a pivotal role in assessing code and permitting requirements for a liquor store and transforming an existing shopping center space into a destination for Portland’s spirit enthusiasts. Mathew collaborated closely with the owner, as well as a retail design specialist, to ensure every aspect of the layout, from storage and office areas to rack and cooler placement, was meticulously laid out. 

Floorplan design was a critical aspect of this project, as the owner wanted to show off the diverse liquors and spirits available via cold storage, aisles, product displays, and endcaps. All areas of the store needed to be under observation, so security and surveillance were top priorities. Mathew's expertise ensured that the space was assessed for optimal line of sight for cameras, minimized blind spots, and showed off unique products to the fullest. 

Thanks to Mathew's efforts, Sunset Liquor and More is set to become the largest and premier spirit store in the Portland metro area, offering an unparalleled retail experience in a vibrant area of commerce.

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