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Springfield, MO

Commercial, Tenant Improvement

Southern Supply is a family-owned building materials supply company in Springfield, Missouri. The renovation and expansion of their space included the addition of a new, two-story office space in the existing warehouse, a renovated showroom, the reskinning of the exterior, and a new foyer that provides a consumer-friendly and handicap-accessible entrance to the building. Upgraded metal-panel siding modernized the exterior while the color palette and tile pattern extended into the interior.

Custom-designed displays were made for the showroom, showcasing the doors, windows, and floor finishes available to consumers. The two-story addition within the warehouse provided a home for the building's offices and utility-control rooms, along with necessary conference space, a new break room, and additional restrooms. All of the materials sold by this company are on display throughout the structure, allowing the design to double as marketing material for the business.

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