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Tigard, OR

Commercial, Tenant Improvement, Women owned business

Architect: Mathew Stockstill

Interior Designer: Caitlin Bowman Design Photographer: Genny Moller

Welcome to Leka Playland, where creativity meets adventure! Our team at Mathew Stockstill Architect LLC collaborated closely with Bettie, owner of Leka Playland and DiG PDX, the visionary behind multiple playlands in the Portland area. From layout assistance to code evaluation and permitting, we ensured that every aspect of the playland was tailored to meet the needs of a children’s play space while fostering an atmosphere of whimsy, learning, and exploration.

Central to the project was the partnership with local artists, who infused the playland with captivating murals that ignite young imaginations. Mathew, our Principal Architect, played a key role in refining the layout and modifying the space to align with the owner's vision, seamlessly integrating functionality with aesthetics. By maximizing the use of the existing infrastructure and minimizing structural changes, we created more space in the budget for funds to be allocated toward art and theme creation.

The success of Leka Playland led to the development of DiG PDX, another project proudly supported by our team. At Mathew Stockstill Architect LLC, we're dedicated to transforming spaces and creating memorable experiences that inspire joy and wonder. Explore the magic of Leka Playland and discover how our collaborative approach can bring your vision to life!

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